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  • UAEM Maintains Strong Relationship With Its Unions

  • Members of the Federation of Autonomous Associations of Academic Personnel of UAEM received materials essential to their daily work

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

06 of September 2016 12:47:23

Rector Jorge García Olvera presided over a ceremony to present university workers with tools and supplies, an annual event at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM). The event benefitted members of the Federation of Autonomous Associations of UAEM Academic Staff (FAAPAUAEM), which is made up of 48 different associations with 7,000 members.Olvera García presented workers with more than 28,000 tools and office supplies and said that the UAEM administration appreciates their work, which contributes to the education of students from the State of Mexico.UAEM maintains a respectful relationship with its unions for academic and administrative workers, which allows the university to improve the quality of education and facilities. Javier González Martínez, secretary of Administration at UAEM, was also present, as was the General Secretary of FAAPAUAEM, Víctor Manuel Pineda Gutiérrez. Martha Olivia Cano Nava, Director of Human Resources at UAEM and Leticia Obduila Morales González, secretary of the FAAPAUAEM Academic Affairs area, also attended the ceremony.Pineda Gutiérrez discussed the importance of national laws to protect workers. He is also president of the National Association of University Personnel Unions (ANASPAU), which distributes work materials to university employees and works to reduce accidents on the job and work-related illnesses.Pineda Gutiérrez reiterated FAAPAEUM's support for public education, especially at the middle and high school levels. He also said that "cooperation between the administration and unions allows for transparent planning and use of resources, and contributes to the greater good."

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