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Sunday 26 of May 2024

UAEM has Liaison Office in the University of Hildesheim, Germany

The UAEM boasts general and specific agreements with 10 German institution,photo: courtesy of the UAEM
The UAEM boasts general and specific agreements with 10 German institution,photo: courtesy of the UAEM
The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico strengthens its ties with the University of Hildesheim in Germany

HILDESHEIM, Germany – Next May will mark the start of activities for the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico’s (UAEM) Liaison Office in the University of Hildesheim (UH), Germany, the Mexican institution’s fourth office of this sort in other countries, and one which will have the German universities main campus as its headquarters. This will allow the UAEM to extend its actions for international cooperation with other institutions of the region.

Likewise, in celebration of the Mexico-Germany Dual Year and the Mittsommernacht festival, the University of  Hildesheim will screen the UAEM’s traditional play “Fandango de los muertos” (Fandango of the Dead), as well as the short film “Vivir la muerte” (Living Death), which both reflect the reasons and feelings behind the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Additionally, an exhibit will be held displaying the work “Los cristos, el sexto día” (Christs, the Sixth Day) from State of Mexico artist Leopoldo Flores, who has an honorary doctorate degree from the UAEM. Rector Olvera García instructed sending 18 reproductions of this magnificent work with UV techniques on canvas, to be exhibited in the celebration.

To officialize these activities, the UAEM Expansion and Connections secretary, Yolanda Ballesteros Sentíes and UH president Wolfgang-Uwe Friederich, signed a collaboration agreement. During this event, the German academic stated his gratefulness to the UAEM and recognized the enthusiasm and admiration shown by university authorities for Mexican arts and culture.

Mittsommernacht features the participation of the university community and regional society, which enthusiastically await this party hosted in the university’s Marienburg cultural campus, located in an ancient medieval castle.

Undoubtedly, the UAEM has important academic, scientific and cultural participation in the Mexico-Germany Dual Year, strengthening and increasing its ties of international cooperation.

The university boasts general and specific agreements with 10 German institutions, and in particular a strong fellowship with the University of Hildesheim, which stands out in the region of Lower Saxony.

This relationship, initiated in 2010, has grown stronger in recent years with Olvera García’s international vision. It allows for more than 20 students from the UAEM to study abroad at the UH, while the same number of German students have been sent to study in the State of Mexico.

Finally, the UAEM and the UH collaborate on investigation projects and programs to strengthen the German and Spanish languages, with the aim of increasing mutual knowledge between both countries.