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  • The National Anti-Corruption System is Here

  • There's a need for local anti-corruption systems that work under the same guidelines as the national system

Thye governing body of the National Anti-Corruption System (SNA), Mexico City, april 4, 2017. (Photo: PGR via Cuartoscuro), photo: PGR, via Cuartoscuro

04 of April 2017 16:03:55

At the inauguration of the National Anti-Corruption System (SNA), members of the Coordinating Committee set a four point agenda to fight corruption in the country.The Coordinating Committee president Jacqueline Peschard Mariscal's proposals included building a headquarters for the institution, setting measures in order to prevent corruption, fighting impunity and creating an open government.Head of the Federal Auditing Agency (ASF), Juan Manuel Portal, talked about establishing communication for the system, that will identify the major problem areas, while still administering punishments.Peschard Mariscal said that corruption not only affects economic growth and social development, but also democracy, because it erodes citizen's trust.That's why there's a need for local anti-corruption systems that work under the same guidelines as the national system, and that all official appointments are put through the same system with the highest standards, in order to guarantee that the best people are chosen.The president of the Superior Tribunal for Administrative Justice (TFJA), Carlos Chaurand Arzate, agreed that it is necessary to address the source of corruption in the country.[caption id="attachment_54526" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Meeting during the National Anti-Corruption System (SNA), Mexico City, Mexico, April 4, 2017. Photo: PGR via Cuartoscuro[/caption]Ximena Puente de la Mora committee member and president of the National Institute of Transparency and Access to Public Information (Inai), said that with this system, it is possible to build a more honest Mexico in the future.Puente de la Mora also cautioned members, to act immediately, address the source of the problems and do so with complete confidence, because it is "our last chance" to win back people's trust.To conclude the event, the Attorney General Raúl Cervantes Andrade said that this system is a great accomplishment in which both government and citizens took part.Cervantes Andrade said, is that it is important that every member takes part in the process and that citizen trust is recovered, otherwise, the democratic process might suffer.

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