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The News
  • Chamber of Deputies Approves the 2017 Budget

  • The Culture Secretariat will have to make do with 12.4 billion pesos, while the Interior Secretariat will enjoy 56.2 billion pesos

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11 of November 2016 15:44:22

The Chamber of Deputies approved on Friday the 2017 Budget for Federal Expenses which amounts to 4.9 trillion pesos ($235 billion) — 0.7 per cent less than the 2016 budget.Representatives approved budgetary cuts to institutions such as the National Electoral Institute (INE) for 300 million pesos, the Federal Judiciary Council for 6 billion pesos and the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) for 275 million pesos. Similarly, the Chamber of Deputies and Senators also experienced decreases in their expense budgets.On the other hand, deputies received a boost of 5.5 billion pesos to promote the National Anti-Corruption System, which will be distributed to different bodies, such as the Federal Auditing Agency (ASF).The “Fortalece” Program a.k.a the “bribe fund” received 9 billion pesos which translates into 18 million pesos for each of the 500 representatives to invest in their municipalties or districts.The president of the Budget Commission Alfredo del Mazo stated that 64 percent of the budget is allocated to Social Development with programs aimed at ending poverty such as Prospera — which will receive 88 billion pesos.The health sector will receive 121.8 billion pesos while 267.6 billion will go into education.

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