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  • Teaching Excellence Recognized at UAEM Atlacomulco Campus

  • The annual event recognized 32 new tenured positions, with five newly tenured professors in attendance

, photo: Courtesy of UAEM

17 of August 2016 11:20:36

ATLACOMULCO, State of Mexico – Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) rector Jorge Olvera García, said at an event to recognize excellence in teaching, that for several years, public universities have been the stronghold and flagship of quality education in Mexico.At the Second Annual Activities Report for the UAEM Atlacomulco campus, lead by the center's director Antonio Sámano Ángeles, Olvera García said that "at public universities quality education, evaluations and setting high standards for professors are not new issues."The annual event recognized 32 new tenured positions, with five newly tenured professors in attendance. The rector said that the tenured positions recognize professors who have demonstrated their teaching skills at secondary, undergraduate and graduate levels.Olvera García said that during the first three years of his time as rector, close to 800 professors have received tenure, and that despite budgetary limitations, the university makes an important effort to recognize deserving professors.Professors who do not meet tenure requisites do not have their contracts renewed. Olvera García said that this is a model for public education.He said that the UAEM Atlacomulco campus has been one of the leading examples of educational excellence in the public system since its founding in 1984. Its undergraduate degree programs are accredited and it has the best development indicators of all UAEM's campuses.The academic staff of the campus has strengthened its academic contributions, this year publishing one book, five book chapters and five academic articles, in addition to 17 presentations at national and international academic conferences.Olvera García committed to further improve the Atlacomulco campus, which has 1,400 students, 70 percent of whom receive scholarships to attend the university.

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