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Saturday 13 of July 2024

SMA hosts int’l legislators meeting


EC parliamentary representatives and Mexican senators held their 2016 meeting in San Miguel.

BY RICARDO CASTILLO The News European Community (EC) parliament representatives and Mexican senators traveled to San Miguel de Allende to hold their 2016 meeting to discuss issues of utmost interest to EC representatives in Mexico. Commission co-president Senator Rabindranath Salazar of Morelos state thanked SMA Mayor Ricardo Villarreal for his hospitality and said that “we were not wrong in choosing this place to hold our highly relevant reunion.” In an impromptu press conference during lunch Thursday, Senator Salazar added that they had three choices to hold the conference, Puebla and Querétaro being the other two cities considered.

“It’s a most cosmopolitan city,” the senator said. He said that discussions with EC had deteriorated after the Paris terrorist attacks, but after this meeting the relationship Mexico has with the EC parliament “is back on track.” The themes on the agenda were the environment, specifically climate change, trade modernization, the war on terrorism and following up discussions of joint ventures that were interrupted after the terrorist attacks, he emphasized. Among issues left behind is increasing the number of participating Mexican states with European nations in trade. “Trade has been concentrated in only six of the nation’s 32 states, while at the EC trade is only carried out by 7 of their 28 nations. This is something we’re trying to change,” Senator Salazar said.