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PRD Talks Economic Plans

PRD discusses how to reduce spending while stimulating the economy
By The News · 09 of September 2016 15:11:56
National Leader of the PRD Alejandra Barrales during the Third Plenary Session of the PRD Legislative Assembly, No available, photo: Cuartoscuro/Moisés Pablo

National President of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Alejandra Barrales announced that the party will explore the possibility of devising an emergency economic plan given that the cuts that are part of the executive’s budget proposal, presented Wednesday, will undoubtedly affect sensitive portions of the population and the economy.

Barrales underscored that the PRD is worried about the budgetary restrictions of public and private organizations, like Pétroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). However, her biggest worry is that “there is no real strategy that allows us to believe that we can come out ahead, that actually responds to the country’s economic crisis.”

“We were hoping to, and we will, along with our legislators, work on a possible economic plan, something that not only tells us where to cut back on spending but also where we can stimulate the economy,” she said in an interview. “Places where we can incentivize investment, where we can generate jobs, since that is really what is affecting the country the most negatively at the moment.”

At the inauguration of the Third National Municipal Convention of the PRD, Barrales Magdaleno reiterated the PRD’s hopes to implement austerity measures in public administration instead of cutting public spending.

In the next few days, as Congress discusses the Budget Expenditures of the Federation of 2017, PRD legislators will present alternative budgets.