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Sunday 22 of May 2022

PRD Provides Legal aid Against 'Gasolinazo'

PRD members carry out a demonstration against the
PRD members carry out a demonstration against the "gasolinazo" in front of the National Palace on Jan. 12, 2017,photo: Cuartoscuro/ Tercero Díaz
Valdés Ramírez noted that over 201,000 amparos have been filed

The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) is providing consultations to citizens who wish to resource to an an amparo (A Mexican constitutional legal process that protects citizens and their basic rights) against the “gasolinazo.”

Jesús Zambrano, vice coordinator of PRD deputies met with counselor José Óscar Valdés Ramírez, who is in charge of the amparo campaign against petrol price hikes, and announced a future meeting with members of the Supreme Court of Justice to address this issue.

“Hundreds of successful amparos are in place with which we bolster our position. All  injunction orders filed by Tuesday will be gathered and presented to the Supreme Court. We hope ministers will resolve the issue immediately and repeal the ‘gasolinazo,’” said Zambrano.

Valdés Ramírez noted that over 201,000 amparos have been filed since his own was made public and joined by several people. “The deadline is on Jan. 17. By that time we expect to have at least half a million claims nationwide.” said Valdés Ramírez.