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Poor Air Quality in the State of Mexico

Four municipalities suffer from low-quality air
By The News · 24 of February 2016 12:13:38
AIR QUALITY, No available, No available

Four municipalities in the State of Mexico and one Mexico City borough reported high concentrations of air particles, surpassing the norm of 100 points.

The Department of Atmosphere Monitoring said Wednesday that Coacalco and Ecatepec have the most contaminated air with 114 points, followed by Calco with 103 points and Tlalnepalntla with 101 points.

According to the air quality index, the borough with the most air particles is Milpa Alta with 101 points, while the rest of the city scored under 100 points.

Because of the poor air quality in some parts, the department recommended that children, seniors and people with respiratory or cardiovascular illnesses avoid spending extended periods of time outdoors.