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The News
  • PAN Governor Differs from Leader Anaya

  • Ricardo Anaya Cortés opposed the direct appointment of Raúl Cervantes Andrade for Prosecutor General

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Diego Simón Sánchez

25 of August 2017 15:20:03

National Action Party (PAN) Durango Governor José Rosas Aispuro said he backs current Attorney General Raúl Cervantes Andrade for Prosecutor General, after PAN National Director Ricardo Anaya Cortés said the Senate will oppose the motion.In an interview, Rosas Aispuro said that the position of Prosecutor General should be filled by someone who provides certainty for the future."For institutions to grow stronger, we need people in charge that act with transparency so that we don't end up with witch hunts but instead for everything to be carried out in accordance with the law," said Rosas Aispuro.Rosas Aispuro also said that "the most important thing" is for the person in charge to be held accountable and he believes that Raúl Cervantes is that person.

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