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Ojeda: Rejecting Medical Insurance is an Ethical Issue

Chamber of Deputies representative insists that all 60 PRD deputies will comply with regulations
By The News · 29 of February 2016 13:52:12
LEY GENERAL DE AGUAS, 50322118. México, D.F.- Los diputados federales, Alejandro Sánchez Camacho, Aleida Alavez Ruiz y el asambleísta, Alejandro Ojeda, ofrecieron una conferencia de prensa sobre Ley General de Aguas.NOTIMEX/FOTO/CARLOS PEREDA MUCIÑO/CPM/POL/, No available

Chamber of Deputies Executive Board Vice President Alejandro Ojeda said that the rejection of medical insurance is an ethical and political issue for the PRD, following reports from CapitalMedia that only 27 of 60 PRD deputies have fulfilled the party requirement of not accepting the insurance.

In an interview after overseeing the delivery of 33 new public transport buses in Iztapalapa, Ojeda admitted that the matter has not been dealt with yet but that all legislators will be required to comply with the regulations.

“The issue is not going to go away and we will insist that the 60 PRD deputies fulfill this political requirement.”
Alejandro Ojeda, Vice President, Chamber of Deputies Executive Board

“Regarding the issue of deputies rejecting the offer of medical insurance, I want to tell you that I am not in this group. In my case, I have fulfilled the requirements of PRD and rejected medical insurance. Of course, it is an ethical, political matter for everyone working in the chamber,” he said.

“The issue is not going to go away and we will insist that the 60 PRD deputies fulfill this political requirement,” said Ojeda.