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Saturday 24 of February 2024

New Challenges for Higher Education

UAEM conference,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
UAEM conference,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
UAEM holds conference to discuss education setbacks

Undersecretary of Higher Education at the Public Education Secretariat Salvador Jara Guerrero said that comprehensive training and knowledge of new technologies are part of the essential requirements that new generations of professionals must have in Mexico.

Students and academics from the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) came together in UAEM’s Rectory building for the “Challenges and Perspectives of Higher Education in Mexico” conference.

UAEM rector Alfredo Barrera Baca said that Jara Guerrero’s presence is part of current administration’s management plan. During his presentation Jara Guerrero, emphasized that education is part of what shapes a human being.

He said that an essential element that must be worked on is the ability to provide a comprehensive education that allows students to appreciate the world and be flexible instead of focusing on a single field. When asked about the challenges that higher education faces in Mexico, Jara Guerrero said that institutions should make sure that their students leave their university satisfied and that the knowledge they learned actually helps them.

“We are training engineers who are no longer good enough for the companies,” said Jara Guerrero, who said that it is necessary to develop careers according to the needs of the country.

He said that higher level students should know more about new technologies, giving examples such as engineering, medicine and even law, where lawyers should be specialized in issues regarding the virtual world.