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The News
  • Monterrey Municipality Accuses Previous Administration of Diversion of Funds

  • The complaint was filed for an amount of 17.8 million pesos


02 of March 2016 08:15:14

The municipality of Monterrey filed two complaints for alleged diversion of public funds made during the past administration amounting to 17.8 million pesos ($991,198).[caption id="attachment_3138" align="alignleft" width="300"]MONTERREY1 The Monterrey municipality filed the complaint. Photo:[/caption]The complaints about these irregularities were filed with the state Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office by Municipality Secretary Genaro García de la Garza, Monterrey Comptroller Luis Enrique Orozco Suárez and Municipal Legal Director Luis Enrique Vargas García.The first complaint concerns an amount of 7.5 million pesos regarding the hiring of professional services for the legal support of municipal officials of the 2012-2015 administration.The second complaint is for the alleged diversion of funds from a budget allocation for public works in the amount of 10.3 million pesos.

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