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The News
  • Mayors Occupy Veracruz State Offices

  • The municipalities do not have enough to pay their workers' salaries

, photo: Cuartoscuro/Alberto Roa

31 of October 2016 15:37:31

The mayors of Veracruz have occupied state offices in protest of possible financial settlements reached by Veracruz interim governor Flavino Ríos. They’ve already ruled out the possibility of partially accepting their missing funds and say that 50 municipalities have closed due to inefficiency.At a press conference, San Rafael Mayor Héctor Lagunes Reyes said that Flavino Ríos Alvarado had postponed his arrival at the state offices.Despite an alleged aggression within the building, everything remains calm and mayors told the state governor that his safety is not in danger. They said that they merely want dialogue and to find a resolution to the economic issues they face in their municipalities.Currently, town halls in municipalities like Apazapan have closed their doors due to the lack of financial resources. There are at least 50 town halls that are doing the same. For Boca del Río Mayor Miguel Ángel Yunes Márquez, the situation is stressful given that the municipalities do not have enough to pay their workers' salaries. He asks that the federal government turn its attention to Veracruz in order to resolve these issues as soon as possible. "Veracruz is on fire," he added.

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