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  • Veracruz Braces for Katia

  • Civil protection personnel are currently evacuating people living in remote areas of the state

Boca del R’o, Veracruz, 05 JULIO 2004.- Embarcadero de botes de pesca en la playa de Boca del R’o. FOTO: Sandra Perdomo/CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Sandra Perdomo

08 of September 2017 15:20:59

Hurricane Katia is expected to touchdown Friday night in Veracruz between the areas of Tamiahua and Palma Sola.Authorities have asked people to evacuate and but many have refused due to fears that their belongings might be stolen.In the municipality of Gutiérrez Zamora, businesses have taped their windows and many remain closed, due to non-stop rains in the area.Hurrican Katia increased on Friday morning to a category 2 and is currently located 120 kilometers off the coast of Veracruz with a speed of 155 kilometers per hour. and civil protection personnel are currently evacuating people that live in the remote parts of the state and in the north. A red alert has been put in place to prevent locals and visitors from accessing beaches and other tourist spots.Civil protection authorities are keeping a close eye on the municipality of Teocolutla, especially on the river which carries the same name and which runs the risk of overflowing. Fisherman in the area were forced to abandon their work.Authorities are asking the population to seek their closest shelter. If you don't know which shelter is closest to you, you can find shelter locations here.

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