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Saturday 13 of July 2024

Lozano leads security meeting


Gov. Carlos Lozano de la Torre (2-R) says his administration will not back down on the fight against crime.


Gov. Carlos Lozano de la Torre led the meeting of the Aguascalientes Coordination Group, which included representatives of the three branches of government and the productive and educational sectors of the state, and called on all those present to implement a common front in favor of security in order to prevent any type of incident, so that they can guarantee a climate of peace and tranquility throughout Aguascalientes. The current state administration will not back down on the fight against crime, because the effort to regain peace since 2010 has come at a great cost to all citizens and agencies that make up the Unified Command, said the governor. In this regard, Lozano de la Torre has instructed all the operational areas of the Unified Command to strengthen their work and information exchange with businesses and the productive sectors of the state, in order to ensure that there is full cooperation in the protection of Aguascalientes’ population and property. He also called on all state citizens to join this common front by denouncing crimes so that authorities can apprehend and punish the criminals. The governor called on all social actors to maintain sanity and calm, so that they can have a correct perspective of the events in order to facilitate the action of the authorities in ensuring compliance with the law and the rule of law. The joint effort between the Public Security Secretariat and the State Prosecutor’s Office has allowed for the prompt resolution of recent cases. This is proof that the institutions are doing their work and creating the results that the citizens demand, said Lozano de la Torre. Pedro de la Serna López, president of the Business Coordinating Council, said that the people’s confidence in the actions and strategies that have been implemented to safeguard them grows strong and he welcomed the openness and transparency with which the public policies in this matter have been carried out. THE NEWS