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The News
  • Kate del Castillo's Story Contradicts PGR Evidence

  • The PGR suggested that the actress has been lying during interviews


25 of March 2016 10:01:57

According to an analysis by the federal Attorney General’s Office (PGR) Kate del Castillo’s various accounts of her meetings with Joaquín Guzmán Loera are not consistent with evidence held by the PGR.Del Castillo recently gave two interviews in which she denied wanting ‘el Chapo’ to invest in Tequila Honor del Castillo. However, text messages that she exchanged with the drug trafficker’s lawyer, Andrés Granados Flores, indicate the opposite.Nathaniel Castelán, criminal law consultant, said that the PGR can use the interview granted by the actress to its preliminary investigation in order to examine her claims against other evidence.The PGR stated that interviews can be used as evidence. There is an order for localization and presentation against the protagonist of La Reina del Sur.


Esteban Batory Sandorf

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