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Saturday 13 of July 2024

Jorge Olvera: UAEM Seeks to Break Wage Ceiling

UAEM Rector Jorge Olvera García speaks during the meeting,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
UAEM Rector Jorge Olvera García speaks during the meeting,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
UAEM's director said this would bring benefits to all university students

The Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) will seek to break the federally imposed wage maximum, said rector Jorge Olvera García, during the 2017 Installation of Salary Negotiation Tables with UAEM Academic and Administrative Workers Union.

In the Dr. Gustavo Baz Prada room of the rectory building before the members of the Joint Temporary Committee for Salary and Contractual Negotiation, Olvera García stressed that, “this agreement between the institution and university workers is a matter that allows everyone to continue having the university we enjoy today.”

He said that within the framework of the austerity policies implemented by the 2013-2017 UAEM administration, the heads administration secretariats and the directors of different areas will not receive salary increases, but will continue to contribute resources to cover part of the expenses of the school transport system.

During the meeting, the rector also said the increase in the budget that the university received from the government of the State of Mexico will benefit more than 7,000 academics and more than 2,500 administrative staff.

After reiterating his appreciation to the representatives of the various political factions for listening to the university’s needs, Olvera García emphasized the commitment of his administration to make productive negotiations that would break the wage ceiling and offer benefits to all university students.