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The News
  • INE Requests 18.3 Billion Pesos for 2018 Budget

  • INE will also request 6. 8 billion pesos to finance political parties

In this July 14, 2017 photo, electoral counselor Ciro Murayama Rendón (C) speaks to Pamela San Martín Ríos y Valles and Jaime Rivera Velázquez during an extraordinary session of Mexico's National Electoral Institute (INE), photo: INE, via Cuartoscuro

24 of August 2017 16:38:13

The National Electoral Institute (INE) will request 18.3 billion ($1 billion) pesos to pay for next year's operating expenses, plus 6.8 billion to finance political parties, totaling a 25,014 million budget for 2018.The preliminary project for next year’s Federal Expenditures Budget was presented to the 2018 Temporal Budget Commission. The project is expected to be approved soon by the General Executive Board and by INE’s General Council on Monday.The preliminary project outlines that the cost of every vote cast by a single registered voter will be 205 pesos.During a press conference, Budget Commission President Ciro Murayama Rendón explained that the over 18 billion pesos requested for INE’s operating expenses represent only 35 centavos for every 100 pesos of the 2018 Federal Budget.

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