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  • PAN-PRD Present the Citizens' Front

  • Despite ideological differences, leaders of all parties agree on the need for change

Ricardo Anaya Cortés, (R), Alejandra Barrales Magdaleno, (C), and Dante Delgado Rannauro join hands in Mexico City, Mexico on September 5, 2017, photo: Cuartoscuro/Isaac Esquivel

05 of September 2017 15:16:40

Leaders for the National Action Party (PAN), the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) and the Citizens Movement party made their coalition official as the Citizens' Front for Mexico ahead of the 2018 presidential race.Documents were filed with Patricio Ballados Villagómez, the director of the Commission for Prerogatives and Political Parties of the National Electoral Institute (INE).PRD president Alejandra Barrales Magdaleno said that despite ideological differences between the parties, they all agree on the ned for a regime change."We're fully aware of the differences in ideology between our parties, we are not trying to brand ourselves. We want to join because what's at stake here goes beyond an election," said Barrales Magdaleno.PAN president Ricardo Anaya Cortés said, "To the millions of Mexicans that are tired of the corrupt and inefficient Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), today we tell them that this front is here to give them hope."Dante Delgado Rannauro, the leader of the Citizens Movement party, said that the front's purpose "is to build a new political system. We say yes to the front if it is the citizens who guide us and tell us what to do. We say yes if there is an agreement to end financing for political parties, political immunity and pensions for former presidents."

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