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Sunday 25 of February 2024

Indigenous Community Celebrates 400 Years

Otomí community celebration will be held this weekend

Querétaro, Querétaro – This weekend the Villa Progreso indigenous community in the Ezequiel Montes municipality celebrates 400 years with a craft fairs, gastronomic shows, a book presentation and the opening of a traveling museum.

The director of the Investigation Center for Saving Hñahñu-Chichimeca Cuisine and Traditions, Héctor Latapí, said that the Otomí community of Villa Progresso celebrates 400 years with series of history, culture and traditions.

According to a historical document, the foundation of this community took place on Feb. 27, 1616, when Gaspar Morán ruled San Miguel de Las Tetillas and Don Diego Fernández de Córdoba governed “New Spain.”

The document does not mention the people of San Miguel de Las Tetillas, but given the geographical description, it is believed that it refers to the Otomí community.

“This land has been inhabited by the Otomí indigenous group since then, whose church was founded a little after the Evangelical movement.”
-Héctor Latapí, researcher

Latapí said that Villa Progreso is home to one of the most representative cultures in Querétaro. It is a cultural and gastronomic treasure with attractive tourist sites.

The celebration begins of Friday night and will include an official opening ceremony with municipal officials.

On Saturday, there will be tours of Müi Hyadi and Hñahñu, a craft fairs, an indigenous cooking contest, an Ixtle artisan demonstration and different musical performances.

Sunday will include the opening of a traditional barbacoa oven, a book presentation and regional music and dance.