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The News
  • Hugo Sánchez to Return to Coaching in Mexico

  • Currently working as a commentator, Hugo could be on a Liga MX team's bench for the next tournament

, photo: Cuartoscuro/CONADE

25 of October 2016 14:37:43

After rumors regarding the possible departure of Víctor Manuel Vucetich from Los Gallos Blancos de Querétaro (The Queretaro White Roosters) for next season, it seems that the team already has someone to take his place.Some rumors suggest that Joaquín Beltrán, sporting director of Los Gallos, has already talked with Hugo Sánchez about being their new coach. Sánchez, currently a sports commentator, addressed Beltrán during Puma's double-winning season of in 2004.The last time Hugo was on a Mexican soccer team was four years ago, when he led Los Tuzos de Pachuca (The Pachuca Gophers). The five-time Pichichi Trophy winner also managed Club Necaxa in 2006.His arrival would depend on Vucetich's departure, who might leave to join Los Rayados de Monterrey (The Monterrey Stripes) as its new sports director and take the position Luis Miguel Salvador has occupied for many years.Los Gallos are now 15th place in the standings with very little chance of advancing to the playoffs, while in the Cup they are in the semifinals and will face visitors Toluca on Tuesday.


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