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Sunday 26 of May 2024

Guadalajara Aims to Eradicate Violence Against Women

Guadalupe Morfín
Guadalupe Morfín
State implements training courses for local officials

Head of the Municipal Council to Prevent, Attend to, Sanction and Eradicate Violence Against Women (Compasevim) Guadalupe Morfín Otero said they aim to get rid of violence against women in Guadalajara with zero tolerance and immediate police action.

Morfín Otero said that starting in March training courses will also be provided to public officials in order to opportunely and efficiently attend to women in danger.

The director of the Municipal Institute for Women (InMujeres), María Elena García Trujillo, said that the Guadalajara government “is working on a prevention strategy that involves the Preventative Commission, medical services, municipal justice, the Family Development Agency (DIF) and other departments.”

The director said that starting in March, “there will be two different types of trainings for municipal officials focusing on gender perspective and attending to victims of violence.”

García Trujillo said that more than four out of every 10 women have experienced violence in the last 12 months. “Of these cases, 86 percent were emotional violence, 60 percent economic violence, 24 percent physical violence and 13 percent sexual violence. According to the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI), only seven percent of these women received medical or psychological attention.”

“Areas like downtown, Lomas del Paraíso, Oblatos and Insurgentes have the highest rates of violence against women in Guadalajara,” she concluded.