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  • Gorilla Autopsy Photos Cause Controversy

  • Photos of the dismembered body of Bantú the gorilla, who died Thursday after being sedated, were published by a national newspaper

CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 10JULIO2016.- Integrantes de la organización social Gran Simio realizó un censo en las inmediaciones de las rejas del Zoológico de Chapultepec con motivo de la muerte del gorila “Bantú”. Dicho censo busca la opinión de los usuarios acerca del manejo del recinto y como creen ellos que se podría mejorar.FOTO: GALO CAÑAS /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas

11 of July 2016 16:26:23

The body of Bantú the Gorilla, who died while being transported from the Chapultepec Zoo to the Guadalajara Zoo, has been opened, decapitated and cut into pieces, according to images that were published in a national newspaper.The images have created controversy. Former director of the Chapultepec Zoo Marielena Hoyo said that she would not have allowed the gorilla to be "dismembered.""I understand that they need to open the animal to take tissue samples, but it's not necessary to dismember it and butcher it like that," she said.Specialists told the newspaper that published the images that it is sometimes necessary to completely open an animal's body to get information.Hoyo said that she is worried about the undignified treatment of the animal's body and says that there is a procedure to dispose of zoo animals' remains.The Mexican section of the Great Ape Project, an international organization that advocates for non-human great apes, criticized the decision to transport Bantú to Guadalajara.Paulina Bermúdez, of the Great Ape Project, said that there "horrible management" during the gorilla's transport, as 20 people were involved in moving Bantú into a cage. Bantú was not accustomed to the company of this many people.Bermúdez also criticized the zoo for sedating Bantú without looking for other options."They could have baited him with food instead of putting him to sleep," she said. "People who were with him also said that he was overweight due to lack of exercise."

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