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The News
  • Female American Bison Dies at Chapultepec Zoo

  • Profepa confirmed the bison's death and will investigate the circumstances

, photo: Public Domain Image

14 of July 2016 14:48:02

The General Director of Zoos and Wildlife at the Environment Secretariat of Mexico City (Sedema) announced the death of a female American bison at the Chapultapec Zoo and explained that the cause of death was a "intra-species trauma," in other words, an injury inflicted by another bison.Several hours after the story broke, Sedema said in a press release that Wednesday the workers responsable for the bison noticed that one of the animals was prostrate on the ground in the enclosure. Once they secured the other bison, the removed the female bison in question for medical attention, as she demonstrated trouble breathing.The bison, who was four years and six months old, came to Chapultepec on exchange from the Wamerú Zoo in Querétaro on January 18, 2013. She had two offspring during her stay at Chapultepec, both of which are in good health.The Special Prosecutor's Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa) confirmed the bison's death and will investigate the circumstances. Once they have more information they will release an official statement.Profepa also has an investigation open into the death of the bantú gorilla last week at the same zoo.

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