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Wednesday 24 of July 2024

Fukishima Nuclear Plant Hid 2011 Disaster, Admits Fault

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Plant failed to announce that a storm had caused fusion in two nuclear reactors for a full two months

Almost five years after the worst nuclear accident of Japan, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) admitted that it denied for two months that it had produced a fusion in two reactors in the ill-fated Fukushima Daichii plant.

Prueba uno. Foto: AP
Prueba uno. Foto: AP

The company initially announced that the nuclei of the Fukushima reactors suffered heavy damage although there was no basis to determine if it had produced fusion, according to the dispatch of Japanese news agency Kyodo.

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Nonetheless, a staff member from Tepco pointed out tonight that the operational manual defines the fusion of the nucleus as damage done to more than 5 percent of the reactor and, revising it in the correct way.


In a press conference, the staff member referred to unit No. 3 having damage on more than 30 percent of the nucleus of the reactor at dawn on the 14th of March this year, while the No. 1 reactor was injured in more than 55 percent of its area that same day.


The company revealed its operating norms for determining whether fusion was reached, five years after the catastrophe, “it’s highly regrettable,” held the governor of the prefecture of Niigata, Hirohiko Izumida, in a press release.