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  • International Help for Earthquake Rescue

  • A rundown of the nations who have sent aid to Mexico to help rescue efforts

, photo: AP/Anthony Vázquez

22 of September 2017 13:34:46

International aid has been arriving in Mexico after Tuesday's devastating earthquake to offer support from experts.UNITED STATESThe U.S. deployed a disaster relief response team comprised of experts from the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and the Urban Search and Rescue Team of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

ISRAELAn Israeli Air Force aircraft with humanitarian aid arrived in Mexico City, carrying a team of 70 soldiers and officers, led by Colonel Dudi Mizrahi, head of the Israeli Civil Defense Front Rescue Unit.Among them are 25 specialist construction engineers to assist in reviewing buildings damaged by the earthquake. Added to this is the medical equipment, communications, and personnel of the Israeli Air Force. They are already working in the streets San Luis Potosí and Medellín, in the neighborhood of Roma.JAPANJapan sent equipment from the Tokyo Fire Department and the Metropolitan Police, 22 people in all, plus four search dogs to help rescue earthquake victims.PANAMAA group of rescuers from Panama has also come to Mexico.In circulating on social network platforms, the rescuers prayed for the safety of everyone in Mexico and safety while working in the capital.COLOMBIAA team of specialists from Colombia have been sent to Mexico to assist in the rescue efforts.SPAINA Spanish UME team arrived for relief and earthquake relief.


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