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Sunday 26 of May 2024

Fovissste Awarded 57 percent of 2013-2015 Loans to Women

Fovissste has awarded more than 133,000 housing loans for women from 2013-2015

In three years, the Housing Fund of the Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers (Fovissste) has awarded more than 133,000 housing loans for women, which amounts to 57 percent of funding from 2013-2015.

As part of the celebration for International Women’s Day, the agency said that so far in 2016 5,903 credits were arranged for women, which contributes to the México Incluyente goal of increasing the access of families to decent housing.

In a statement, the agency emphasized that Fovissste is a pioneer in gender equality within the federal public administration, and exemplifies equality with a staff that is made up of 433 men and 432 women.

Headed by Executive Member Luis Antonio Godina Herrera, the Housing Fund was the first government agency in the country to be certified within a model of gender equality and is an enthusiastic promoter of non-violence against women.

As part of the National Housing Policy implemented by President Enrique Peña Nieto, Fovissste is working on its goal of providing more families that are employed by the state dignified, inclusive, sustainable and close to home workplaces.