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  • First place for UAEM Racing Team

  • The UAEM's Baja SAE Sara Juana RT has outstanding performance with car prototype

“Pegaso”, their car prototype, is wider, has a gasoline meter that few others possess and a wind generator system for its batteries. Photo: Courtesy of the UAEM,

08 of March 2016 15:41:26

The Baja SAE Sara Juana RT racing team from the engineering faculty of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM) won first prize in cost tests and ranked third in sales, during the regional competition Baja SAE Bajío 2016, that took place in León, Guanajuato.The students Mónica Gutiérrez Espinosa, Alberto Heredia Gutiérrez, Andrés Salvador Pérez, Ana Paula Rodríguez Treviño, Josué Millán Gómez, Damaris Getzemani Gutiérrez Lima, Eduardo Josef Nieves Díaz and Carlos Alberto Jaimes Jaramillo had an outstanding involvement in this competition organized anually by Baja SAE Mexico.The representatives from the UAEM, students coursing Engineering in Sustainable Energy Systems, Mechanical Engineering and electronic engineering, as well as industrial design, presented a completely new and innovative design.“Pegaso”, their car prototype, is wider, has a gasoline meter that few others possess and a wind generator system for its batteries.Mónica Gutiérrez Espinosa stated that the car with which they competed with other representatives from public and private universities from the whole country was built based on the rules of SAE México.She added that in three days of competition, the team Baja SAE Sara Juana RT passed various tests such as technical inspections, static test, design, costs, suspension and traction, acceleration, braking and dragging.The engineering student detailed that on the last day the students competed in the final test, focusing on the vehicle’s resistance.The students are readying themselves for the international competition that will take place this may in California, as well as for the national competition, which will take place in the municipality of Calimaya, in the State of Mexico, where they will seek to present innovations on “Pegaso” and be represented by a team composed exclusively by women.

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