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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

Electoral Institute to Request Extra Funds

INE accepts that current finances will not be sufficient

National Electoral Institute (INE) Lorenzo Córdova admitted that more funds will inevitably be required to organize the election for the Mexico City Constituent Assembly.

INE Council President Lorenzo Córdova
INE Council President Lorenzo Córdova. The News File Photo

“It is inevitable that the National Electoral Institute will need funds which were not included in this year’s budget plans,” said Córdova in an interview.

The amount of financing to be received by political parties and independent candidates will be around the 115 million pesos ($6.3million) mark, he added.

After signing a collaboration agreement regarding local electoral processes with the Mexico City Electoral Institute (IEDF), Córdova did not want to “speculate” on how much will be necessary for the election, although he did confirm that the agreement will lower the original sum.

“I have to be frank with you. In light of the agreement with the IEDF, which will allow us to use part of the INE’s funds for the organization of the election, it is unlikely that the current funds will be sufficient.”