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  • Drug Lord 'El Viceroy' Obtains Legal Protection in 2015 Case

  • Vicente Carrillo Fuentes claims that he has never belonged to any cartel

October 9, 2014. Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, leader of the Juárez Cartel was arrested on counts of drug-dealing and organized crime, photo: Cuartoscuro/Iván Stephens

06 of April 2017 15:12:46

Drug-trafficker Vicente "El Viceroy" Carrillo Fuentes, leader of the Juárez Cartel, obtained an amparo (a Mexican constitutional legal process which protects citizens and their basic rights), overruling the formal arrest warrant issued against him in 2015.

The First Collegiate Tribune ordered the Jalisco court to conduct another trial on this case if necessary, arguing that they didn’t inform the court of the names of the protected witnesses that declared against Carrillo Fuentes.

The tribunal emphasized that this right is established in article 154 of the Federal Code of Criminal Procedure, which was valid at the time of the case against the presumed drug-trafficker.

The tribunal stated that the Fifth District Court Judge of Federal Criminal Procedures did not do take the necessary actions so that the accused could meet with his defense and obtain the necessary help to present his stance.

He said that Carrillo Fuentes was not even asked if he wanted to give his declaration in respect to the imputed facts. Carrillo Fuentes was arrested back in October 2014 and he is being accused of organized crime and crimes against health.

Carrillo Fuentes is imprisoned in the maximum security Puente Grande penitentiary in Jalisco.

In his declaration against the jury, Carrillo Fuentes said that he does not belong to any cartel.

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