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Thursday 22 of February 2024

International Dental Congress Awards UAEM Student

A healthy smile,photo: Wikipedia
A healthy smile,photo: Wikipedia
Rueda Ibarra explained that his project is focused on the activities carried out in the Endodontics Clinic

Vicente Rueda Ibarra, studying Endodontics at the Dentistry Department of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), won the first place in the Postgraduate Category of the Poster Exhibition at the 32nd International Dental Congress, organized by the Latin American Dental Federation.

At the exhibition, which was held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, that saw students and specialists from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Uruguay, the university presented the poster “Radiographic Evaluation of the Remission of Periapical Lesions after Treatment Ducts,” which formed part of his research work.

Rueda Ibarra explained that his project is focused on the activities carried out in the Endodontics Clinic. In particular, he said, he focused attention on the lesions that are generated in the tissues surrounding the tooth, specifically at the end of the root.

Such lesions, he said, “are seen on x-rays as opaque areas, with no density, so my proposal is that through endodontics, the body can recover and repair these tissues.”

The student said that his research work consists of evaluating how much these tissues were able to be repaired in a two-year period and verifying if that treatment was successful.

The results obtained indicate that the endodontic techniques practiced in the clinics of the Department of Dentistry work as favorable results have been seen in each one of the patients treated who showed these injuries.

Vicente Rueda Ibarra considered it important that university students participate in these types of conventions, both nationally and internationally, as they give visibility to the Department of Dentistry and they allow students to offer evidence of the academic quality of the postgraduate programs offered by UAEM.