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Wednesday 29 of May 2024

Deadly Explosion Rips Through San Antonio Xahuento

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A fireworks workshop was the alleged source of the blast that has thus far claimed two lives and injured three people

Photo by Rafael Kros Eco/@kroseco25

Little information has been released about the deadly explosion of a fireworks workshop in the San Antonio Xahuento neighborhood in Tultepec, a municipality in the northern part of the State of Mexico.

Authorities from Civil Protection of Tultepec confirmed that the blast claimed three lives and injured 12 people, according to Lopez Doriga Digital. They said that explosions continue in the area.

The blast happened in an area zoned for use of powder kegs, which cut down on the damage done to residences. Neighbors to the area told Excelsior that the blast, however, shook the windows of their homes.