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  • Confidence in Mexico Boosts Tourism

  • Despite issuing alerts to other countries about the violence that exists in Mexico, Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid Cordero said that tourist destinations are safe

ACAPULCO, GUERRERO, 06MARZO2016.- Pescadores y comerciantes esperan a los turistas cque omienzan a llegar a las playas del puerto. Los paseantes pueden disfrutar de paseos a la Isla de la Roqueta y de platillos como mariscos y almejas recién sacados del mar.FOTO: BERNANDINO HERNÁNDEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM,

10 of March 2016 16:14:17

Despite issuing alerts to other countries about the violence that exists in Mexico, Tourism Secretary Enrique de la Madrid Cordero said that tourist destinations are safe.At a press conference to announce the tourism industry's economic performance, he said that working to ensure such alerts report reliable facts.Enrique de la Madrid Cordero said, "Obviously the issues of violence in general affect the country, but there are tourist destinations that are virtually free of this problem. If we work for alerts to be credible and to say what they have to say, and that counts even a lot of misinformation out of us."The spokesman for the federal government, Eduardo Sánchez, said the confidence generated by our country, it returned to the list of the ten most visited countries in the world, plus it carried out the motorsports spectacle of Formula One and will host three regular season games of NFL football.[caption id="attachment_5364" align="alignright" width="300"]CANCÚN, QUINTANA ROO, 07MARZO2016.-Turistas estadounidenses llamados sprinbreakers disfrutan de sus vacaciones de verano en playas de este destino. FOTO: ELIZABETH RUIZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM Mexican beaches are popular destinations for U.S. tourists like 'springbreakers.' Photo: ELIZABETH RUIZ/CUARTOSCURO[/caption]Sanchez said, "Mexico is a world class destination and increasingly competitive, both for those who visit us and for those who invest in this important industry. Formula One showed that the tourism sector in Mexico can compete and win."The Tourism secretary said that last year a record number of foreign tourists entered Mexico to reach 32 million registered visitors.This had an economic impact of $17.5 billion. Per day, between 2013 and 2015, international visitors spent $43.4 million."Of the 32 million visitors who come to Mexico, half arrived by aircraft and those arriving by air represent 80 percent of the foreign income, that from the policy of connectivity," said Enrique de la Madrid Cordero.They indicated that the tourism sector represents 8.5% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and generates 9 million jobs.


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