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CNTE Teachers Soften Their Stance

CNTE teachers met privately with Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) leaders
By The News · 10 of August 2016 14:39:52
Alejandra Barrales Magdaleno, PRD president meets with CNTE teachers, CIUDAD DE MÉXICO, 10AGOSTO2016.- , presidenta del Partido de la Revolución Democrática (PRD) junto con Miguel Barbosa, representante del PRD en el Senado se reunieron con representante de la Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación para dar su posicionamiento respecto a los hechos en contra del magisterio.FOTO: GALO CAÑAS /CUARTOSCURO.COM, photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas

The National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) softened its position and said that they no longer wish to abolish the Education Reform, but rather revise it.

CNTE teachers met privately with Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) leaders led by the party’s national president Alejandra Barrales Magdaleno and its secretary-general, Beatriz Mojica Morga, accompanied by several senators and deputies, to analyze the Education Reform’s status.

Víctor Manuel Zavala, leader of CNTE’s Section 18 in Michoacan, said that the reform should be revised.

“We should make sure that the reform will provide societal benefits. I think that all sectors have said that the Education Reform is due for a revision, because of the consequences that it has provoked,” he said.

Barrales Magdaleno said the the goal of the meeting was to reach a agreement with the CNTE teachers. She said that society wants to regain stability so that teachers can return to teaching and children can receive an education.

She added that not all of the reform needs to be changed. There are important parts that could lead to improvements, which is something that the teachers need to understand.

“It’s important not to be close-minded. But it’s also important to create a space for all these new proposals, positions and the possibility for modifications in the near future,” said Barrales Magdaleno.