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The News
  • Chihuahua's Subsitute Deputy Hides out at Chamber of Deputies

  • Chihuahua special prosecutor looks for more information in the Tarín García case

March 28, 2017, Patrol cars from Chihuahua’s state prosecution wait outside all the doors of the Chamber of Deputies for Antonio Enrique Tarín García to come outside, photo: Cuartoscuro

29 of March 2017 15:24:32

Substitute deputy for the state of Chihuahua, Antonio Enrique Tarín García, has spent more than 24 hiding in the Chamber of Deputies at the San Lázaro Legislative Palace. There’s a warrant for his arrest for the crime of embezzling 300 million pesos ($16,046,223).

Special prosecutor for Chihuahua, César Augusto Peniche Espejel, who is also at the Chamber of Deputies, asked permission for access to police records so they can complete the process of apprehending Tarín García.

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