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Chamber of Deputies Approve Reforms To General Health Law

New reforms prohibit the making of tattoos and piercings in 'ambulantes,' semi-fixed or mobile stalls, and to include nutritional counseling for pregnant women
By The News · 15 of March 2016 21:07:28
INICIA EXPO TATUAJE INTERNACIONAL MÉRIDA, 60130143. Mérida, 30 Ene 2016 (Notimex-Hugo Borges).- Inició la séptima edición “Expo Tatuaje Internacional Mérida”, evento de tatuajes más importante del sureste de México, que cuenta con la participación de artistas nacionales y extranjeros.NOTIMEX/FOTO/HUGO BORGES/FRE/ACE, No available

The Chamber of Deputies approved two reforms to the General Health Law. The first to prohibit the making of tattoos and piercings in semi-fixed or mobile stalls, or ambulantes, and the second to include nutritional counseling for pregnant women.

In the first case it was noted that at least three out of ten Mexicans have a tattoo likely performed at an early age, and in most cases, same as with piercings, they are made in makeshift locations and without the necessary sanitary procedures.

The key to the ruling, Víctor Ernesto Ibarra, deputy for the National Action Party, said that currently there are precautionary measures for the making tattoos or piercings that have proven effective in reducing the risk of infections, but need to be made in established places and meet the safety guidelines identified in the legislation.

“The ban on tattoos and micro-pigmentions in semi-fixed or mobile stalls is feasible since these locations do not have necessary hygienic and sanitary conditions for carrying out these procedures as they present difficulties impeding the correct deposit of contaminated materials and instruments, said Ibarra.”

Regarding the amendment to Article 61 of the aforementioned Act, the deputy indicated the importance of establishing a proper diet during pregnancy, being crucial for both the mother and the unborn baby.

He said that when planning a pregnancy, counseling can help correct nutritional deficiencies and prevent overfeeding of the mother, which could pose a risk for both mother and child.