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  • Cats Massacred at Panteón Francés

  • Dozens of cats have been killed in what animal rights activists say are satanic ritual sacrifices


01 of November 2016 16:35:39

According to animal rights organizations, dozens of cats have been intentionally killed in the Panteón Francés cemetery in the Miguel Hidalgo borough of Mexico City related to rituals and directions by local authorities. The killings took place even though the animals were sterilized and vaccinated.“I can’t independently prove it but I swear it happens because there are cats sacrificed in brutal ways as parts of satanic rituals,” said animal rights activist Norma Huerta.Activists say that there was previously an agreement between Miguel Hidalgo authorities and the organizations that took care of the cats in the cemetery, but that the new administration has not honored the agreement, a breakdown which was taken advantage of by those who perpetrated the massacre.Sergio Jiménez, spokesperson for Miguel Hidalgo borough, said that borough authorities no longer have control over the Panteón Francés, as it is private land.“All borough authorities do is clean the sidewalk, inside the cemetery it’s the responsibility of the owner,” said Jiménez. “The only cemeteries run by Miguel Hidalgo are Dolores and Panteón Sanctorum.

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