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The News
  • Wednesday Rains Damage Mexico City

  • Many neighborhoods suffered major flooding and structure damages

an abandoned house in the street of Donceles collapsed due to heavy rain in Mexico City, Mexico, June 19, 2017. photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy, photo: Cuartoscuro/Armando Monroy

29 of June 2017 15:13:47

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera said that the heavy rains on Wednesday were mostly centralized in the boroughs of Miguel Hidalgo and Azcapotzalco.In Miguel Hidalgo, malls, apartment buildings and houses suffered damages estimated in millions of pesos.Amongst the neighborhoods that suffered the most damages were Clavería, Calzada de Armas,Pencil, Polanco, Ampliación Granada and Nueva Anzures. These last two, are still underwater in certain areas.In Anzures, various buildings flooded, cars were damaged and an electrical transformer exploded.

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