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The News
  • Barbosa Claims Espionage by Moreno Valle

  • A former Cisen agent claims to have been part of espionage operations against political figures as well as civilians

Deputy Miguel Barbosa Huerta during a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on August 28, 2017. , photo: Cuartoscuro

29 of August 2017 15:47:04

Deputy Miguel Barbosa Huerta and former National Research and Security Council (Cisen) member Rodolfo Raúl González Vázquez denounced an alleged espionage network created by former Puebla Gov. Rafael Moreno Valle.During a press conference Barbosa Huerta said that Moreno Valle used this alleged network in order to surveil political opponents such as himself and National Action Party (PAN) deputy and former first lady Margarita Zavala Goméz.González Vázquez claims to have been part of espionage operations during his time at Cisen, and provided a series of documents as evidence of espionage activities.

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