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Thursday 08 of December 2022

Ávila Villegas Recognizes Olvera García’s Vision

Eruviel Ávila Villegas speaks at the UAEM 2013-2017 Fourth Activities Report of Activities,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
Eruviel Ávila Villegas speaks at the UAEM 2013-2017 Fourth Activities Report of Activities,photo: Courtesy of UAEM
The 2013-2017 UAEM administration leaves behind many legacies, like its global recognition

State of Mexico Gov. Eruviel Ávila Villegas attended the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico’s (UAEM) 2013-2017 Fourth Activities Report of Activities, which was presented by rector Jorge Olvera García to the rest of the university community. Olvera García thanked the governor for his donation of 10 university buses.

Ávila Villegas said that the 2013-2017 UAEM administration left behind many legacies, like its international recognition.

During the ceremony, Olvera García said that “differences don’t mean we’re divided. They allow for coexistence. It is thanks to dissent that we can achieve a consensus.”

Olvera García said that in these moments of threats and discrimination coming from the outside, strengthened by a power that bases itself in the inequality and racial superiority, we need to prioritize respect and dignity, regardless of race, class, health, economic condition, gender identity or place of origin.

Ávila Villegas recognized Olvera García’s vision for education and highlighted the work he had done during the last four years. Many achievements were the product of the combined effort of the university community, like the Potrobus University Transport System, which fulfilled the demand of students in terms of an ecological, safe and dignified transportation choices.

Olvera García stated that there’s still much to do in the final months of his administration. He said that it wasn’t a coincidence that for the first time in the institution’s history they have an Olympic medalist and that the Potros UAEM FC made it to the Ascenso MX.

In terms of scholar achievements, in 2016 UAEM gave out 55,147 scholarships.

Olvera García said that in 2017, 722 UAEM students participated in events, organizations, and institutions from 33 countries. UAEM also has 201 foreign students and professors from 73 institutions from 18 different countries. He said that UAEM is in the top 10 national university rankings and among the top 60 in Latin American rankings, like the el Times Higher Education World University Rankings and the QS World University Rankings.

In conclusion, Ávila Villegas and Olvera García inaugurated the “Fernando Cano” Gallery in the Rectory Building. The exhibition “Portraits of Nature” by Rafael Huerta is open to the general public until April 15, 2017