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Thursday 25 of July 2024

18 Released After Being Arrested for Lynching in Teotihuacán

Saul Lopez
Saul Lopez
Mayor denies he was detained by villagers in an exchange to release the detainees

TEOTIHUACÁN, State of Mexico — After the lynching of two alleged kidnappers in the town of Atlatongo, in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacán, 18 people were arrested Wednesday morning for violent acts, armed with pipes, sticks and stones.

During the night the villagers demanded the release of detainees and saying they had only defended the community.

The mayor of San Juan Teotihucán, Arturo Cantú entered the central square in the evening to reassure the discontent.

In a brief telephone interview he denied that he was detained by villagers in an exchange to release the detainees.

TEOTIHUACÁN, ESTADO DE MÉXICO, 24MAYO2016.- Tres personas, dos hombres y una mujer, supuestos secuestradores de un menor, fueron linchadas por pobladores de la comunidad de Atlatongo en este municipio. La intervención tardía de la policía provocó hasta el momento la muerte de uno de los sujetos y un enenfrentamiento con pobladores enardecidos. FOTO: SAÚL LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM
The late police intervention so far has caused the death of one of the suspects and created a confrontation with enraged citizens. Photo: Saúl López/Cuartoscuro

It was not possible to reach the mayor as citizens prevented access to the media.

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico said in a statement that the 18 detainees were released during the early hours of Wednesday, May 25, as the Public Prosecutor’s Office found no evidence to establish the flagrant crime of murder.

The agency is maintaining an investigation to identify those likely responsible for the killing the two people.

A third person injured in the events has been noted for his alleged involvement in a kidnapping, for which he is being investigated.

The two people who were killed in the lynching, are in the process of being identified to be subsequently delivered to their relatives.

The confrontation that recorded between 500 enraged townspeople and more than a thousand state police.