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Wednesday 04 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

Sunrise in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas
Sunrise in Mexico City,photo: Cuartoscuro/Galo Cañas
New moon means change is on the horizon

New moon in Scorpio on Sunday.

This means learning about life through death. While we celebrate Day of the Dead in Mexico City make sure to apply the lessons you take from these confrontations with the afterlife to your present situation. Yes, drink your mezcal in your Kim K costume. But also remember when you’re hungover on Sunday to reflect and find clarity in the things that have been occupying space in your mind.


You’ve maybe been in a rut for a while, romantically or otherwise. This week brings luminosity and fire, all eyes are on you so make sure to handle others emotions with care. Vibrant places like Patrick Miller and Mono will meet your fierceness with lots of attention, but maybe take some time to walk through Parque España or Parque Chapultepec to have a slow walk with a new friend.


This week is all about relationships for you, sweet Taurus. Be bold. Avoid the easy and go for the one you’ve had your eye on for a while. If you’re already in a relationship, take your special someone to zoo. Somehow a date to the Chapultepec Zoo sounds serious and bold.


Remember that real change is slow and takes time. You’re all too quick to drop everything for the chance to be a phoenix, to wash away the past and start anew. This new moon makes sure to be careful and conscientious in your change. Take notice of the people around you (even the ones who aren’t in Mexico City right now but keep you grounded via text) and show them you value their presence.


After a few weeks of laying low, this weekend will be your time to shine. You’re feeling playful and creative, so direct these energies into something you know will feed your soul. Like tortas. You’ll of course be super busy this weekend, but make sure you’re picky and find new people to share your warmth and energy with.


You love the attention. Aggressively. While everyone else is going through transformations, don’t take it so personally when all eyes are not on you, or your inner circle isn’t showing complete devotion. Take some “me” time and instead of centering yourself in other people’s Day of the Dead festivities, go to La Lagunilla market and take time to observe people and objects from afar.


Life got you down. It’s ok though. You live in a metropolis thats internationally known for its diverse cuisine. You’ll notice that Mexico City’s people alway rate high on measure of happiness. This isn’t because the structural conditions in this city are favorable. This is because we are always eating our feelings. And fully satisfied. Don’t know where to go? We got you. Check out some new pulque places or eat quesadillas until you’re on the verge of throwing up. Then eat more.  


Time to get down to business. You’re all about balance and this week is about you organizing the things in your life that you know will bring you clarity and allow you to set solid goals for your future. Has there been something on your mind lately you want to tell someone? Take that person out for some tequila and share you’re feelings. Share hard. You’ll thank yourself in the end.


You’re usually so tight-lipped. This weekend while you’re in costume, share your ideas and get feedback from friends. Tell them about the feminist café-bookstore you’re dreaming of starting in Juárez. Don’t be so hard on yourself to articulate things perfectly. Let things flow and you’ll find yourself with a new direction by the end of the weekend.


Pretend you’re in a different city. You’re bored. We know. But your crazy nights out recently have emptied your wallet and won’t let you leave the city in the way you’d like (and that’s probably disappointing to your friends, because they need a break as well). See the things you’ve been missing and take that day trip to the pyramids you’ve been avoiding for months. Sure maybe the pyramids aren’t your version of fun, but they’ll wind you down and make you appreciate your social circles when you revisit your compadres.  


There’s a lot going on this weekend. Take some time to yourself. Hang out on your own and visit the Cineteca or a small museum by yourself while the rest of your crew rages. 


Don’t eat tacos off the street this week. Don’t take the metro or the metrobús. Go home, dive into your bed face first and chill there for a while.


You’re looking to do some traveling in the next few weeks or months. Maybe Oaxaca, maybe New York, definitely not Monterrey. Dream away, but make sure you plan your budget so that you can take this much-needed break.