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Tuesday 03 of August 2021

Weekly Horoscopes

The moon photographed in Cancún, Quitana Roo on Nov. 14, 2016,photo: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruiz
The moon photographed in Cancún, Quitana Roo on Nov. 14, 2016,photo: Cuartoscuro/Elizabeth Ruiz
Candid conversations abound as the Sun moves into Sagittarius

The Sun moves into Sagittarius, one of the zodiac’s most chatty and open signs. This means attacking those conversations that have been put aside for months. Tact is not always a skill for Sagittarius, so make sure to be careful in these conversations, but also remember not to be too sensitive to other people’s words.


Moves are in your cards. Whether geographical, professional, romantic, personal, this week be on the lookout for opportunities to change up your stagnant present. Opportunities abound this week, so don’t stay holed up eating tortas ahogadas from last week (they’re not supposed to be eaten as leftovers anyways).


This week you need to work on getting clarity and feeling certain about your decisions. A lover, old or new, may be on the horizon. Make sure to get in touch with your body, because you can’t receive loving energy until you acquire your own. Maybe this week brings dancing, or maybe meditation in the Buddhist Center in Roma.


This week is all about partnership and adventure — Geminis love having a sidekick to try new things with. Whatever you decide, make sure to privilege communication and listening. Your partner may not want to follow the itinerary you’ve curated — maybe they’d rather spend some time at the Central Library of UNAM instead of the long walks you had planned through the Historic Center.  


You feel the crisis in your bones. You see the brutality and blind violence of capitalism, and you want to react but you’re not sure you have the tools. You feel like you need to direct your energy into change-making and community building. Take small steps. Get your friends to gather around some cemitas and start the conversation. 


You’ve been hiding for the last few weeks, which is of course out of character. This week your natural leader instincts will take center stage (at the Angel of Independence). Those around you will look to you both for guidance and inspiration. You realize it’s not too late to build a real movement against neoliberal cuts and in favor of a more just economy, and that, currently, the most exciting activism the left has seen in decades comes from organizing Leos like you. 


The personal is political. This means while many are enwrapped in electoral politics, you are on the ground creating community. You know the facts — you know that the U.S. hasn’t seen these levels of inequality since the Great Depression, and that neofascism is on the rise around the world. However, you also know the importance of care work, and this week instead of focusing on structures and policies, you are taking a pause from twitter and the news to be emotional support for your family and friends — those who you feel need it most.


Time for socializing. This might mean gathering with family, or it might mean meeting new people at Soma Wednesdays. Your inner light is shining, and people want to be in the presence of your energy.


The last few weeks have been crazy for you. This week focus on details and practical planning. Get some of that good Chiapas brew, and work on writing goals for the next few weeks.


Sagittarius season has just begun. You’re outspoken and creative. This time brings people to your fandom; you are the thunder in an electric storm, loud and merciless. But when you’re giving talks at Colegio de Mexico, make sure to listen to questions from the audience. They may make you see things in a different light.


Time to chill with some pulque. Maybe you’re letting your emotions manifest themselves as anger, though not always directed at those you oppose, but rather those you love. Do not perpetuate the disease of malevolence. Anger is only useful when directed at the source of power, not at those around you. 


This week brings collaboration and a focus on the collective. Put your needs aside for more important conversations and make sure to support those around you so that they can contribute as well.


This week brings new things in your professional life. Maybe you’re not exactly looking for new opportunities, but make sure not to get too mezcal-drunk at that holiday party at work. The boss might want to have an interesting conversation with you.