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Thursday 25 of July 2024

Semar with 2,242 elements activated "Marine Operation Lifeguard Plan, Winter 2021"

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The Secretary of the Navy (Semar) began the "Operation Lifeguard, Winter 2021" from Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo

A total of 2,242 naval elements including Admirals, Captains, Officers, Classes, Sailors and civilian personnel, activated this weekend, the “Marine Operation Lifeguard Plan, Winter 2021”, same that will take place until next January 2, with the aim of providing security and surveillance to protect the integrity of national and international vacationers who visit the main tourist destinations in the country during the winter vacation season.

The Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) reported a total of 337 units, equivalent to 146 vessels, 10 air and 181 land, to carry out life-saving actions, medical support and maritime, air and land surveillance.

The SEMAR, highlighted that within its functions as Coast Guard, in coordination with authorities of the three levels of government and Civil Protection, taking place on the beaches with the highest tourist influx on both coasts of the country, as well as in the tourist centers of the national territory that are areas of responsibility of the Mexican Navy.

In said operation, the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Stations (ENSAR), with the support of the personnel of the Naval Commands, will be those who are prepared to respond in a timely manner to the call of the citizens; equipped with fast boats and highly trained personnel to carry out, if necessary, rescue actions for people who are in danger of drowning.

It should be emphasized that it is of the utmost importance to observe and respect the indications issued by the “Capitanía de Puerto” regarding the behavior of the sea in its tide levels, which are indicated with flags:

• Green Color: Indicates that the conditions for bathing, swimming or diving are good.
• Yellow Color: means caution, due to sea currents and the possibility of worsening weather conditions.
• Red Color: indicates that bathers “should NOT enter the sea”.

In this context, aid and rescue stations will be installed, where naval health and lifeguard elements will provide first aid to those who require it.

Semar with 2,242 elements activated “Marine Plan Operation Lifeguard Winter 2021” in the main tourist destinations of the country
However, the Secretary of the Navy invited the general population to keep in mind the following recommendations during their stay on the beaches:

• First of all, consider that the COVID-19 pandemic is still present, so it is important to avoid crowds, in addition to following the recommendations at all times to keep a healthy distance, use antibacterial gel and face masks.
• Respect the instructions of the lifeguards.
• Do not neglect children on the beach.
• Do not enter the sea after having ingested food, alcoholic beverages or a combination of both.
• Try to swim near where a lifesaving element is located.
• Do not swim in areas where there is maritime traffic (boats or jet skis).
• In case of traveling in smaller boats (boats), make sure that it is not overloaded.
• Require life jackets; Check that it is the right one for each activity and that it fits your needs.
• Do not block access to beaches and leave free access to patrols and ambulances.
• Use sunscreen if you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time.
• Drink water constantly to stay hydrated.
• Do not throw garbage on the beaches.

For emergency care at sea, the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico made the following numbers and emails available to citizens:

• SEMAR Command and Control Center: (55) 56-77-71-19 or (55) 56-24-60-04. 800 6274621 / 800 MARINA1.
• Secretary of the Navy switchboard: (55) 56-24-65-00, to extensions 1000, 6004, 7226, 7852 or 8383.
• Email accounts: [email protected] [email protected]

The Secretary of the Navy in the exercise of the National Maritime Authority, through the Mexican Navy acting as Coast Guard, endorsed its commitment to citizens to ensure their safety and safeguard human life at sea.