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Friday 19 of July 2024

Profeco will withdraw some toothpastes from the market for being misleading

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The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco) revealed that there are several brands of toothpaste for children in which they detected misleading advertising.

For this reason, the agency, in charge of protecting the rights and interests of the consumer, reported that toothpastes that violate the rules will be withdrawn from the market until the commercial information they provide changes.

In total, Profeco evaluated 33 toothpaste brands to analyze if they had sweetener, net content, PH and fluoride.

“Children’s toothpastes, in general, are not considered health supplies, so they do not require health registration,” says the article titled “Sweet deception. Toothpastes get used to the sweet taste since children”, from the Consumer Magazine.

According to this month’s edition, the products show legends that cannot fulfill consumers.

Dental Max Distroller, Dental Max Junior Emoji The Iconic Band, Peppa Pig, PJMasks, Sunstar GUM, Nickelodeon Bob Espona, Nickelodeon GUM Paw Patrol, Sunstar GUM Barbie, Sunstar GUM Trolls, ZAG Herdez Miracolous, GUM Disney Pixar Finding Dory, GUM The Lion guard lol Surprise, Sunstar GUM Disney The Lion king, Babyleaf natural and Greendoctor organic kids were the brands that failed to demonstrate the information provided on their packaging.

The head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, said that they are going to start the process to withdraw these pastes from the market.

Those that do not have complete content are also immobilized, it is called Green Doctor Organic Kids, that one also goes abroad because it uses bicarbonate, and it is abrasive, and should not be used for children; Dental Max Distroller is immobilized, and the other one that is going to be immobilized is the G-U-M Barbie, because it says that it is recommended by dentists and that has not been processed according to the norm. Ricardo Sheffield Padilla – Head of the Profeco.

According to the dentist Susana Aguirre, fluoride in children is not bad, but generally more quantity is used than necessary, which does affect the enamel of the teeth of minors.

It is recommended to only use the amount necessary depending on the age of the minor.
What toothpastes will come out of the market?
Dental Max Distroller / Menthol Toothpaste, will be withdrawn for not meeting the 100 mg net content that they promise.

While the pastas that do not support their legends, and that will also leave the shelves, are:

Dental Max Distroller/Menthol Toothpaste.
Dental Max Distroller/Chicliux mint flavor toothpaste.
Dental Max Distroller/Kip Mint Flavor Toothpaste.
Dental Max Junior Emoji The Iconic Band/Toothpaste.
Green Doctor Organic Kids/Natural toothpaste without fluoride grape flavor.
L.O.L Surprise/Two-color gum flavor paste.
Nickelodeon SpongeBob/Bicolor Bubblegum Flavor Pasta.
Peppa Pig/Two-color gum flavor paste. “Without being abrasive.”
G-U-M Disney Pixar in its different presentations.
Green Doctor Organic Kids/ Natural toothpaste without fluoride grape flavor.