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Wednesday 17 of April 2024

María Elena Bribiesca, model in teaching and history

UAEM Modelo
UAEM Modelo

For fifty years of service, his passion for history, paleography and teaching, the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico presented a recognition to the professor emeritus of the Faculty of Humanities, María Elena Bribiesca Sumano.

During the award ceremony, the rector Alfredo Barrera Baca stressed that, as a result of the paleographic and historiographic work of the academic, university students have more elements to understand their common past, the present and imagine a better future for the society and the world.

“What an enormous privilege it has to dialogue and approach, in spite of time and distance, with our ancestors and, at the same time, with our young contemporaries”.

Alfredo Barrera recalled words of the chronicler Margarita García Luna, who told how the Teacher in Pedagogy and History, teacher of more than forty generations of professionals and university specialists in history, made them feel the warmth of the historical documents when she took them to the Archive General of the Nation, where he transmitted his emotion and love for research.

For her part, Bribiesca Sumano reminded the people who have accompanied her during her fifty years of trajectory in the maximum house of studies in Mexico. “I have not walked alone. Human beings are the result of a process of circumstances and family, social and cultural influences, “said professor emerita.

In her opportunity, the director of the Faculty of Humanities, Hilda Fernández Rojas, described María Elena Bribiesca Sumano as a woman ahead of her time, who showed that there are no gender obstacles when showing passion and perseverance, as well as an attitude of service in favor of the construction of a critical society.

It is a model in teaching and history, as well as in the virtues of an outstanding, brave and capable woman, who has raised the participation of Mexicans in the labor and social spheres, concluded the university directive.