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Thursday 25 of July 2024

National Guard canine binomial located almost 11 kilos of marijuana

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An approximate of 11 kilos of marijuana were located by elements of the National Guard (GN), with the support of a canine team, in a parcel company located inside the Central de Autobuses de Querétaro.

Said seizure was carried out when national guards carried out preventive searches to detect the transport, shipment and reception of narcotic drugs or illicit substances.

During the random checks, the canine specimen was struck by three cardboard boxes, in front of which it presented an alert, followed by an allusive indication of a possible positive to the aromas for which it has been trained. The National Guard personnel carried out a precautionary inspection of the packages, locating inside 42 metallized plastic bags that contained green and dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana.

The boxes destined for Zapopan, Jalisco, were secured and made available to the Federal Public Ministry in the municipality of Querétaro, an authority that will verify the exact weight and type of substance.