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Thursday 28 of September 2023

The Possibilities of Amazon Prime

Logo for Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime,photo: Flickr
Logo for Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime,photo: Flickr
Is Amazon Prime right for you?


When it comes to online shopping, Amazon will always be at the top of the list. It has websites in almost every country and a wide selection. But what is one of Amazon’s best selling points? Well, Prime of course. Here at the News we’ll give you a small breakthrough on what Prime is and if it’s right for you.

Prime is Amazon’s loyalty program that gives you access to countless deals, great shipping and a great number of features.

Price: It costs $99 for a year in the United States. There are different ways you can pay it, either all at once or monthly*. In Mexico, Amazon is slightly newer and offers a year for 450 pesos ($25).

*You can also be gifted a Prime account or a couple of months.

Many people take their free 30-day trial to try out Prime. The trial works once a year and there’s an easy way to make sure you’re not charged after the trial ends.

Amazon Video/Music: With Prime you have access to hundreds of Amazon Video related content. The best way to access to this is on the app. You can even download the EPs or movies you want to watch for later watching (of course this feature is limited to 25 downloads across devices).

While Prime Video is pretty wonderful and has a lot of wonderful titles to choose from (like Amazon original series’ Mozart in the Jungle, Man in the White Castle or Transparent), it is not without its kinks. Not every show/movie on Amazon Video is available for Prime and the search feature still leaves a lot to be desired.

Prime Music is a great bonus because you get access to millions of tracks and playlists. It’s not up there with Spotify or Apple Music, but it’s good enough for now. And it allows you to upload your own music.

Kindle: With Prime you can borrow one book from the Kindle store per month.

Shipping: Of course the main reason people are interested in Prime is the shipping. As long as you order in time, you receive your purchase either the next day or in two days. Prime also has free next-day shipping and free two-day shipping. When shipping is the thing that makes all the difference between buying something or not, free shipping is always a plus.

Of course this doesn’t always work if you’re an international supporter.

Other good Prime deals are the Early Access or the Prime-Only Products. Amazon will sometimes give Prime supporters a 30 minute head start on purchasing products or might make the version of the product available only to Prime.

If you’re someone who loves online shopping, you should definitely give Amazon Prime a try, especially since Prime Day is this week and you don’t want to miss out on all the amazing deals it will bring.