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Friday 19 of July 2024

Tech Tendencies for 2017

2017 promises to be an interesting year in tech,photo: Flickr/Tec Estromberg
2017 promises to be an interesting year in tech,photo: Flickr/Tec Estromberg
The News has the low-down on tech changes for the new year


As the door is mercifully closed on the disaster that was 2016, The News looks forward to three tech trends that will inform your new year.

Meat Replacement

For the health of our planet and ourselves, there is an undeniable need to change our eating habits. More people than ever are looking for healthier alternatives to meat, yet still want that juicy flavor. Companies like Beyond Meat is looking toward the future and cooking up a storm with synthesized meat that does taste like meat (honestly!) but is a lot more environmentally friendly. Peas, yeast extract, oil and some laboratory tampering all help to create this alternative burger that is set to be a big deal this year.

Internet of Things

The much-hyped Internet of Things is still really only in its infancy, yet 2017 will be the year when it moves past its terrible twos and continues towards maturity. The IofT promises to connect the gadgets that we use in our everyday lives — for example our refrigerator, central heating or house lighting — through wireless internet connections so that we can manage each device without needing to be physically present. So far, the IoT has had its fair share of problems, including being criticized for security problems and rival companies’ products not working together. Yet this year the IoT should come on leaps and bounds, as the hub is left behind and “applets” become the norm.

The Fall of Fake News

The role of “fake news” became the focus of much post-election debate in the United States, due to the unchecked boom of fake news stories being spread on social media sites and likely affecting the outcome of the results. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has announced the fact-checking coordination that will take place on the site, to ensure that the only news stories shared are accurate and true. If only this had happened earlier…